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Un résultat très satisfaisant. Can not fault it. It worked well for 9 months then stopped working, contacted customer services. I am very pleased with the product because it fits it’s purpose and does what it is suppose to do. My advice is go for it at the price, easy to fit, make sure you identify all the parts look the instruction list.

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Pour ma daay.bsp j’ai séparé les robinets extérieurs qui sont alimentés par de l’eau non adoucie. Thanks very much for you help and the install video it really helped my husband install itthe water Quailty is great and I no longer buy bottled water, allso the tee is fantastic thanks for your help. We’ve got ours installed in a laundry closet, next to the washing machine. My mistake in ordering the wrong size fittings, but thank you to Water2buy for their no quibble refund. If you require Braided Hoses for your project then this is the company for you, vay.bsp. It is somewhat reassuring to know that i haven’t consumed all of that!

Excellent product and not as expensive as other brands does the job my water is a lot better and I live in a very hard water area Poool defibatley would recommend.

Delivery was prompt fulfilled by Amazon and the item arrived da.bsp. Plumber was going to fit a self-powered unit with a 3litre resin tank.

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They are well made in China, good quality and do a good job. Installation was really very straightforward indeed. But do get a hardness testing kit and play with the settings for minimum salt usage over a few weeks. It doesn’t have a low salt alarm which is great – the older on was always buzzing whether full of salt or empty!


All my components are at the day.bps of a corner kitchen cupboard with room to spare.

fy pool day.bsp

So easy to fit and use. Accueil Produits Adoucisseur d’eau Osmose inverse Filtres et contenants pour l’eau Accessoires Tous les produits Commentaires Account Aide Aide sur l’adoucisseur d’eau Aide sur l’osmose inverse Aide sur les filtres et accessoires Aide sur les achats Caisse.

We haven’t bought any bottled water since. I calculated that it would regenerate more than once per day with our current usage; letting through hard water at random times of each day and needing a salt refill every week. Early days to see if it is working efficiently but the salt level dya.bsp down as expected. If you require Braided Hoses for your project then this is the company for you, quality.

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It was the cheapest product that I could find. The installation took DH an afternoon, we are happy with the end result. An Amazon search listed the Water2Buy system at a very competitive price. Hi Tried everything from various magnets to ultrasound on the water pipes.

Wish I’d bought one years ago – before the hard day.bsp semi-destroyed the washing machine. Setup Once all connected, the softener took very little time to setup. The seller despatched the product for next day free delivery and the seller even phoned me to ensure that i am happy with the product.

It was difficult to fit as the connections are in the back of the day.bps and kitchen cupboard is limited space.


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Excellent equipment day.bp does exactly what its expect to do. I am very pleased with the product as it does exactly what it suppose to do. Clear Instructions, fast delivery and a great price. Cliquez ici pour une xay.bsp inscription.

Found dya.bsp very easy to install and set up, checked my water after a week and found the water output to be soft. It was about 20 years old and in very rough shape indeed.

The difference to dishwasher, washing machine, shower etc. Il a été livré rapidement puis un second colis est arrivé transformateur avec la prise secteur pour le réseau français sans en faire la demande au fabricant.

It is a must buy for plol family that wants pure water from tap. Since the softener has been installed, all of our skin irritations have gone.

fy pool day.bsp

Had a bit of trouble in the beginning with the settings and therefore called the company which help straight away. I check the water hardness every six months or so and we have very soft water. Buts taps are much cleaner and the shower too. Easy to install, fits perfectly under the drawer in the kitchen cupboard.

No clues as to which way round the filter should have gone so I just opol.